Simply put, we love to see or clients grow and succeed in business. That’s why we’re here. We help them create new strategic opportunities, establish new relationships, and explore new business ventures to increase revenue. From identifying opportunities, developing leads and growing ideas, to driving deals to closure, we assist through each step of business development process. We advise on organic growth, shepherd mergers and acquisitions, help arrange financing and assess risk versus reward. We consider ourselves to be partners with our clients and take great pride in helping them build their businesses. Our client’s success is our success.


James Lee Witt is recognized today as the foremost expert in disaster management and response. Witt Global Partners and James Lee Witt have the experience to help you navigate the complexities and regulations of disaster response and the recovery efforts after the storm. James Lee Witt has managed the response and recovery for the several of the nations largest disasters and has been on the managed or consulted for over 400 other disasters across the country including the Northridge Earthquake, Oklahoma City Bombing, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Sandy. We provide our clients unmatched experience and ability to respond to any disaster at a moments notice.  

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What happens today in Washington and Arkansas will affect you tomorrow.  For better or worse, government influences every company, every job, and every life in America.  Understanding the policies, process and politics of governing will help you influence the outcome you desire. Witt Global Partners actively represents companies, organizations and state entities before Congress and the Executive Branch, at both the federal and state levels. Our Government Affairs team is genuinely bipartisan, comprised of both Democrats and Republicans who have decades of experience in Congress, top-tier elections, and as a Presidential Cabinet member. Our team works in a spirit of inclusiveness and open collaboration. While each member of our firm brings individual skills and perspectives, we all share an interest in working towards lasting solutions for our clients. When approaching policymakers on client issues, we believe that education coupled with active advocacy is the smart approach.


Witt Global Partners works with international clients--global corporations, sovereign governments and individuals--to undertake comprehensive programs to enhance their reputational, diplomatic, commercial or policy-standing in the U.S. Whether tracking rapidly changing events or shaping a specific policy proposal or legislation, we work with clients to move beyond the traditional, narrow band of decision-makers into outreach to a broad array of officials, agencies and non-governmental groups that influence policy in Washington and internationally. We help our clients set a pro-active agenda with Washington instead of reacting to events. On the political front, Witt Global Partners professionals work in campaigns and elections around the world, often in highly dynamic political settings. We consult regularly on campaign strategy, election operations and political party management in a diverse number of countries.

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Witt Global Partners seeks to unite reputable investors with top quality project sponsors for the purpose of bringing lucrative business projects to fruition. With our global network of well-regarded private equity groups and EB5 investors, we offer something unique to our clients.


Members of our team have first-hand experience as regulatory practitioners, having served as both state and federal lawmakers as well as government agency chief executives. Our experience gives us an edge in understanding regulatory affairs and knowing how to maneuver through what can be a challenging and even daunting process. We provide strategic direction to help our clients around the world stay on top of the ever-changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment. But we don’t just keep our clients informed on regulatory issues, we help them participate in the process, so their voices are heard by the rule makers.