Ron Fuller

For more than 25 years, Ron has been involved in the legislative process and Arkansas politics, serving three terms in the Arkansas House of Representatives. As the one-time owner of a full service media and advertising agency, he has been involved in the management of various associations and has spent the last three decades building relationships both in and out of government. His firm has represented and lobbied for numerous Fortune 500 companies, and he is involved in both political and private sector activities throughout the state of Arkansas. He serves on numerous state and city boards and is well-respected on both sides of the political aisle in Arkansas. He is intimately familiar with the inner workings of Arkansas government and understands the value of networks and coalition building.

Ron holds a History and Education degree from Henderson State University and is a former Army Infantry Officer serving 4 years on active duty and 16 in the United States Army Reserves.

Among his areas of expertise are Medicaid, healthcare, pharmaceutical and environmental issues, information technology, insurance and commerce, as well as tax and reform issues, economic development and utility regulation. 

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